Footballer Tumbles Down Huge Drop While Celebrating A Goal

Brazilian footballer Anderson Lopes came crashing back to Earth very quickly while celebrating a goal in Japan's J-League on Saturday.

Lopes was playing for Consadole Sapporo against Shimizu S-Pulse, when he took off towards the sideline while celebrating his second goal.

He jumped over the barrier, seemingly to celebrate nearer to the fans, but didn't realise the other side wasn't quite at the same level as the field.

It was in fact, three metres down.

Image Twitter/ Oliver Trenchard

Cameras caught the moment Lopes made the leap, only for him to disappear out of the frame.

He landed with a heavy thump on the other side, and ended up in noticeable pain.

The Brazilian received medical treatment and was cleared to return to the field.

While most of us would be pretty shaken up after a three-metre fall, Lopes seemed to shake off the embarrassment pretty quickly -- he soon went on score his two more goals after coming back on, ending up with four goals for the match.

For the record, Sapporo won the match 5-2.