Patty Mills Had The Best Reaction To Andrew Bogut's NBA Return

Aussie basketball superstar Andrew Bogut announced today that he was heading back to the NBA, after spending a season here with the Sydney Kings.

The move had been talked about for a while in basketball circles, and when the Kings were knocked out of the NBL finals earlier this week, the deal started getting done.

Bogut, a first-round draft pick in the 2005 NBA draft, has played for the Warriors before, winning a championship ring with them in 2015.

He's not expected to play big minutes on a star-studded roster, but will no doubt get his share of game time between now and the NBA Finals in June.

And after that, he will return to the Kings for another season.

Bogut, 34, was instrumental to the Sydney team's title tilt this year, as it fell one hurdle short of the grand final -- and he'll be key again next season.

But for now, he's part of the Warriors again -- the team which currently leads the Western Conference in the NBA standings, and which has won three of the last four NBA titles.

All of which was exciting news for fellow Aussie and NBA champion Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs.

As Mills pointed out, Bogut did indeed win Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player in our NBL. But Mills also spoke a deeper truth.

Bogut would indeed have enjoyed many a world class coffee while he was out here.

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There has never been a single Australian who went to America who was able to claim that, and there likely never will be.

With luck, Bogut's $US486,892 contract for the remainder of the season will help him cope with quality caffeine deficiency, not to mention moving expenses as he hauls his young family back over to Oakland, California.