'Not My Daughter': Mark Geyer Lashes Out At Sex Tape 'Lies'

Penrith Panthers legend and Triple M host Mark Geyer has angrily denied rumours that his daughter Montanna is in one of the NRL sex tapes.

Yesterday, Panthers player Tyrone May was charged with recording intimate images without consent, and disseminating those images without consent.

The 22-year-old was also stood down from NRL playing duties under the new no-fault stand-down rule.

Earlier this week, a Facebook page claimed that Geyer's daughter Montanna was one of the women in the video. This prompted an angry response from Geyer.

Geyer in a Triple M publicity shot. Image: Instagram

"I just want my daughter’s name cleared, like any father would want," Geyer told Sydney's Daily Telegraph. "It’s all bullsh*t. It’s not my daughter."

Geyer, 51, has now engaged lawyers, and has posted the following statement:

I have today engaged Brydens Lawyers to act on behalf of my daughter, Montanna, for the purpose of taking action against those who have published false and defamatory material which has caused incredible distress for my family. On the advice of the solicitors, I do not propose to make any further comment.

Fellow Penrith legend, media commentator and general manager of football at the Panthers, Phil Gould, posted the following message of support.

Meanwhile, as the NRL's tale of sex, lies and videotape plays out, it is now just eight days until the season kicks off with the Melbourne Storm hosting the Brisbane Broncos in Melbourne in a Thursday night match.