'Super Mario' Instagrams Goal Celebration Seconds After He Scores

If you do something amazing, you’ve got to share it on Instagram. This, it seems, is a firm rule of modern life.

But until now, sportspeople have either a) been modest enough to let the fans do the sharing on their behalf, or b) at least waited until after the game.

Not Mario Balotelli.

The Italian footballer made his name playing with Manchester City and Liverpool in the English Premier League, and these days plies his trade with Marseillie, in France’s Ligue 1.

Overnight, Marseilles played Saint-Etienne, and the man known as “Super Mario” scored an absolute cracker of a goal in just the 12th minute.

His reaction?

Priceless. After his spectacular bicycle kick, the 28-year-old striker ran behind the goal, where he picked up a phone from a cameraman. He then filmed the goal celebration with his jubilant teammates.

Exactly why the cameraman was holding out the phone is a mystery. Perhaps it was the snapper’s own phone, kindly offered for Balotelli’s use. More likely it was Balotelli’s phone, stored in the cameraman’s pocket for just such an occurrence.

Whatever the case, it really emphasised the Insta -- as in instantaneous -- in Instagram.

Marseille went on to win 2-0, which is probably a good thing for Balotelli, as we don’t imagine his manager would have been too happy with the video celebration had they lost.