'I Am Sorry For Every Missed Goal': A-League Hero's Hilarious Farewell Letter

Bruno Fornaroli has always been a funny bugger.

Last year, the Uruguayan wrote a hilarious column about how, when he first arrived in Australia, he thought people were asking if he went to Hawaii when they asked ‘how aaaare ya?’ in a thick Aussie accent.

And now, on the occasion of his departure from Melbourne City, the 31-year-old has again hit some brilliant comic notes. But he also nailed the serious stuff too, in what was a memorable farewell missive.

Fornaroli and Melbourne City mutually agreed to part ways yesterday, several months after the striker publicly fell out with coach Warren Joyce.

City currently sit 5th on the A-League ladder in what has been a hot-and-cold season, and issued a perfunctory five-line farewell for the fan-favourite who scored 57 goals in four seasons.

Fornaroli did much better in his parting note. In fact the message he posted was fantastic. You could imagine him both laughing and crying as he wrote it.

Adios! (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

He thanked the whole Melbourne City family:

I hope the Melbourne City family have felt well represented by me both on and off the field. To have been the team captain in the first title in Melbourne City’s history [an FFA Cup] will forever be one of the biggest achievements in my career. To have shared it with you is one of my biggest joys.

He thanked the fans:

Regardless of the fact that this is my job and profession, we, the players, would be nothing without the fans we play for, even when our roads split and we cannot properly explain why.

He thanked his teammates:

I’d like to thank each and every one of my teammates for these three and a half years. There is no player in the world who is able to achieve success without the sacrifice, sweat and hard work of the rest of their teammates and the coaching staff. I am lucky enough to count many of them among my friends, and that’s another one of the huge joys I take with me.
We're sorry for every missed goal too, Bruno. Not that you missed as many as a lot of strikers.

And he saved one final hilarious thought for anyone who read it:

I am sorry for every missed goal, for every defeat or every broken dream... All the best, Bruno.

Fornaroli, who grew up in the Uruguayan city of Salto playing with Barcelona legend Luis Suarez, has made his life in Australia, and is keen to stay here with his young family. He is said to be bound for Perth Glory.

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Bruno Fornaroli and Melbourne City captain Scott Jamieson in happier days.