What's With The Sneaky Hand-Holding In The Aussie Cricket Team?

Marcus Stoinis and Pat Cummins are smiling in this team photo in India, and we think we know why.

It's probably not because they are the reigning One Day player of the year and Allan Border medallist respectively, and are feeling supremely chipper about life and cricket right now.

It's probably not that they fancy their chances in the second T20 International against India in Bangalore tomorrow -- although after Pat Cummins hit six runs off the last two balls to win game one earlier this week.

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Neither, we think, is this just your standard "say cheeeeeese" look for the camera.

No, more likely Stoinis and Cummins are smirking more broadly than most in the team, because they're in on a little joke.

Yes, Marcus Stoinis and Pat Cummins are holding hands. In fact Stoinis is also holding hands with the man to his right, Adam Zampa. We hereby name this grip: the "Zampa Clamper".

Now, holding hands is actually quite a lovely thing for men in a professional sports team to do, as it speaks of a close-knit group.

It's also quite an appropriate thing to do in India, where men routinely walk down the street with interlocked palms.

As mentioned though, we're not sure that the Aussies are doing this for team bonding, or to respect local customs. We think they're just having a good, wholesome bit of fun..

Indeed, this is not the first time this year the Aussies have played fingersies. It happened late last year.

Now that's close-knit. Image: Getty

And it happened earlier this year. As the 2019 Aussie One Day team donned retro uniforms, there were some overlapping finger areas from Peter Siddle.

Siddle was clearly amused, as was the man to his left, Alex Carey. The man to his right, Adam Zampa, maybe not so much.

Nor did Zampa look entirely thrilled in the image taken in India this week. A spinner's fingers are his livelihood after all, and Zampa obviously would much prefer he keep them to himself.

Zampa's face suggests this is a wrong 'un. Image: Getty.