Goalkeeper's Ultimate Up-Yours As He Refuses Orders To Come Off

Ever received a command from your boss at work that you just flat-out felt like ignoring?

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga did overnight.

After the 24-year-old Spanish shot-stopper started cramping towards the end of extra-time in the League Cup final against Manchester City, he was substituted by his coach Maurizio Sarri.

His number went on the substitution board and everything. But Kepa refused to go. Wouldn't budge. Stayed right there, waved his arms around and said "nuh-uh, not going anywhere", or at least the rough Spanish equivalent of that.

The coach, as you'd imagine, was far from amused by this.

As one TV commentator said: "It's a war of wills at the moment between the goalkeeper and his manager, but you know who the boss is and it's the boss's word that counts. He's got to go off here!"

Another commentator chimed in with what many were also thinking:

"Not what you want to see. Shows a lack of authority really from the boss."

In the end, Kepa would not come off. And as extra time ran out, it came down to penalties to decide the winner of this knockout competition which runs alongside the English Premier League.

Against his coach's wishes, Kepa remained the Chelsea keeper during the shootout. And wouldn't you know it, he let one or two very save-able goals through as Man City won the shootout 4-3, thus defending their title.

Coach Sarri tried to hose things down after the match, saying "it was only a big misunderstanding".

Get your Spanish backside over here!

"Kepa was right, but in the wrong way," he said in the sort of statement which has made writers of political satire very rich.

"The goalkeeper wanted only to let me know that he was in condition to go to the penalties," he added.

Many, including former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, were uncertain as to why a coach would stand up for a player who'd so blatantly disrespected him.

Ultimately, both coach and player emerged from this looking pretty ordinary.

And as if none of this is strange enough, we think it's pretty odd that Chelsea actually has a keeper called "Kepa". It's the best one we've seen since Arsenal had Arsene Wenger as its manager for 20+ years.

Mind you, after this incident we're not sure if Kepa really is much of a keeper in the relationship sense.