You Can Choose Which Ugly Retro Outfit Aussie Cricketers Will Wear Next Summer

Lucky you. You just became a national selector.

If you didn't notice, the Aussie One Day cricket team wore a retro outfit this summer.

Feedback was so positive that Cricket Australia will make sure it happens again next year. But here's the excellent twist. YOU can help decide exactly which retro clobber they suit up in.

Looked like the '80s but sadly didn't play like Top Guns.

CA is running an excellent competition to let fans be fashionistas. As it announced this week:

The Australian Men’s Cricket Team may not have enjoyed the one-day international results they or their supporters wanted this summer, but the retro 1986-inspired kit was a winner with players and fans alike.

So popular was the vintage look that it has been confirmed another retro kit will be worn in next summer's Gillette ODI Series against New Zealand, with the gear from yesteryear to be selected by a fan vote.

Voting will be conducted in a bracket-style format. Eight outfits. Four head-to-head contests to vote on. Then two semis. Then a final.

Will the winner be the shooting stars worn by Australia as they came from a hopeless position to win the 1999 World Cup?

Warne took 4 in the final as Australia won by 8 wickets. Wickets, not pies, that is. Credit: Clive Mason /Allsport

Something a little more stripy, as worn impeccably here by David Boon?

Boony on his way to 100. Runs, not cans, that is. DAVID CALLOW/AFP/Getty Images)

The canary in a thunderstorm look as modelled manfully by Allan Border?

AB ups the scoring to the speed of lightning. Ben Radford/Allsport

So many to choose from. Voting opened today and you can do it here. Remember, this is to decide what the players actually wear in competitive (we hope!) games of cricket next season.

Which means that instead of laughing AT them like you did at this times this summer, you'll be laughing WITH them. A subtle but important difference.