Coach's Unbelievably Lewd Gesture As Ronaldo Slumps In Misery

Ever had a day that went from bad to shocking to just plain embarrassing?

Cristiano Ronaldo -- the greatest footballer of the last decade give or take Lionel Messi -- was back in Madrid for the first time since transferring from Spanish Giants Real Madrid to Italian powerhouse Juventus.

His opponent: Not his old team, but Atletico Madrid.

The occasion: The first leg of a Champions League round-of-16 clash.

The result: From Ronaldo's perspective, awful.

The Portuguese superstar was booed from start to finish, as Juve went down 2-0 to Atletico. Some of it was personal taunting, such as when fans trolled him over his 2018 tax evasion case.

He actually had a good comeback to that, as he replied with the symbol for "five" -- a clear reference to the record number of Champions League titles he won with Atletico's despised cross-town rivals.

But that was pretty much the only battle he won all day.

Everything the 34-year-old superstar tried went wrong. And the goal that sealed it for Atletico deflected off him.

Which left him feeling like this.

There was one other aspect of the match worthy of comment. That said, it's hard to know exactly what to say.

This (below) which was the moment when Atletico coach Diego Simeone celebrated his team's first goal in their 2-0 victory.

What were you telling us exactly, Diego? That the scoreline at the Juventus end of the scoresheet was zero?

On second thought, keep it to yourself. We don't want to know.

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