Ice Hockey Caller Miraculously Dodges Puck Flying Straight At His Head

In sport (and life) there are close calls and there are closer calls. This was definitely the latter. 

NBC commentator Pierre McGuire was rinkside at an ice hockey game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning when he miraculously dodged a bullet.

He hardly had time to react when a rubber puck came sailing towards him, all but skimming his head.

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The camera that captured the near-miss wasn't so lucky.

Ice hockey games in top leagues such as the NHL (the National Hockey League in North America) tend to have sheets of "plexiglass" on top of boards surrounding the rink to protect crowds from rogue pucks.

But the benches where commentators sit and players stand ahead of a line change are unprotected. Which leads to close calls like this one.

Featured image: NBC