Conan O'Brien: 'I Knew This Was My Sport When I Saw The Short Shorts'

US talk show host Conan O'Brien trained with the Sydney Swans yesterday in the glorious Sydney sunshine, because why not?

The Swans have actually lacked a tall player or two in recent seasons and at 193cm, O'Brien might just be the back-up ruckman they've been looking for.

Not that he was thinking too much about positions. For the 55-year-old funny man, the allure of the unfamiliar game of Australian Rules footy was all about the clobber.

"The minute I saw the short shorts, I knew this was the sport for me,"O'Brien told Sydney Swans club legend Nick Davis on Swans TV.

"I have very long attractive legs ad I felt that this would show me at my best. They're going to see the longest whitest legs they've ever seen running away from anyone trying to tackle me."

Ah, the AFL short shorts joke. An oldie but a goodie. But are Conan's spindly white pins really as attractive as he thinks? You decide.

EXHIBIT A: Conan's legs.

It's a shame O'Brien wasn't in town 30 years ago. The shorts these days are like long loose tracky dacks compared to back then.

EXHIBIT B: Warwick Capper circa 1990.

Is that a Sherrin in your undies or are you just pleased to see us? Image: Getty.

Conan is in town to do a live comedy special in Sydney on Wednesday. He's also reportedly filming his Netflix travel show 'Conan Without Borders'.

And of course, while he's here, he's doing what most visiting Americans do, which is to take the piss out of the way we talk.

"You get to the end of your word and you just sort of fall asleep, pass out," he said of our tendency to avoid pronouncing the "r" at the end of words like "harbour".

"Haaarba," he said, doing a very fair imitation of the local accent. His footy skills were less impressive -- and for proof, you can watch the full video of Conan at training here at the Sydney Swans website.