Aaron Finch Big Bashing A Plastic Chair Was Not The Worst Thing Ever

This was not great sportsmanship. But it wasn't the end of the world either.

Aaron Finch was annoyed as hell in yesterday's Big Bash final, after getting run out in the most absurdly unlucky way, after a ricochet off the bowler's foot.

His response? Well, they do call it the "Big Bash".

As the 32-year-old right-hander walked through the tunnel towards the rooms at Marvel Stadium, the Renegades and Australian One Day cricket captain absolutely belted the crap out of a plastic chair, not once but twice.

Take that, seat! And take it again! Finch really hates cheap moulded plastic furniture. Either that, or he'd had enough of a season in which his Test career went down the gurgler and his One Day form faltered badly.

Whatever the case, some were quite offended.

While this was far from the most edifying moment in the history of sports, it was hardly much worse than, for example, countless racquet smashes we've seen over the years in tennis.

In fact, as many noted, this essentially private moment would not have been noteworthy at all, had it not been caught on camera.

Thankfully, some could see the funny side.

Given the moderate form Finch has been in this summer, many people accurately pointed out that hey, at least he finally hit something out of the middle of the bat.

Others paid respect to the chair, which remained intact despite its rather brutal treatment at the hands of Finch.

Ironically, Finch's Renegades went on to win the Big Bash final, after defending their moderate total of 5/145.

The Melbourne Stars looked certain to win when they were 0/91 but choked terribly to finish on 7/132, as club president Eddie McGuire looked on in horror.

That set off a whole new round of social media fun.

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