Hilarious Or Disrespectful? You Judge Andrew Bogut's Awards Speech

There's no one like Andrew Bogut. This can be both a good and a bad thing,

Now 34, Andrew Bogut came home in 2018 for his first season in Australia's NBL, after a glittering career in America's NBA.

As the Sydney Kings knew, when you recruit Bogut, you get more than a former NBA first draft pick and championship winner. You also get a man with a wicked sense of humour.

So it proved last night at the NBL Awards, where Bogut won two awards -- the MVP for most valuable player in the league, and also the award for best defensive player.

The defensive player award came first. Rightly figuring that he might just be on stage later again in the night, the seven-footer let teammate Dane Pineau read his speech for him.

Cue great amusement:

"What a night. It's great to have all the players here," Pineau began, in full Bogut mode.

"People come up to me all the time and they say ‘Bogart, how do you do it?’ and to those people, I say ‘shut up, I ask the questions around here!'"

This was funny stuff, particularly Bogut deliberately getting his own name wrong.

True story: at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the announcer kept calling him "Bogey". People always struggle to get his name right. And he was having a good chortle sitting at his table.

Andrew loves the bogus Bogut speech.

Anyway, Pineau went on:

"It’s incredible to get this award. It means not only am I a really good defensive player, I’m the best defensive player in the whole league.

"And that means a lot, it's close to my heart."

This was getting into Zoolander territory by this stage. Only instead of calling himself "really, really, really good looking", Bogut was effectively saying he's really, really, really good at basketball.

Which by the way, he is. And when you're that good, you can joke about it. Which he did.

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Know what happened next? People moaned, as they always do. They said he was being "disrespectful". Because the world has lost its sense of humour.

Meanwhile, the big man himself kind of just brushed it all aside, as he's brushed many an opponent over the years.

"I don't think the NBL's going to be happy with me, but we'll kiss and make up later."

The NBL finals tip off on February 28. Bogut's Sydney Kings will play Melbourne United in a best-of-three series for a spot in the grand final.

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