Crunch! Just Four Of 20 Cars Survived This Monster Pile-Up

You know when you have an accident and the whole thing seems to happen in slow motion?

That's exactly how things panned out in the Advance Auto Parts Clash invitation-only race at the Daytona International Speedway on the weekend, when racing on the pear-shaped circuit turned very pear-shaped indeed.

Blame a legendary NASCAR driver called Jimmie Johnson, a seven-time series champion who didn't win a race in 2018.

The 43-year-old clearly wanted to show he wasn't washed up, and attempted a bold move in his black number 48 car, passing the leader along the inside. The move worked. Well, for him, anyway.

The bright spark who caused this is out of shot.

"I looked in the mirror, and there were a lot of cars caught up in it,'' Johnson said after the race.

He wasn't kidding. Johnson went on to win the race but took out pretty much the whole field, bar a few cars.

You'll see more spectacular motor racing crashes in your life. Who could forget Sophia Floersch's incredible catapult off the track at a Formula 3 race in Macau last year?

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But there was something about this crash that was almost humorous.

The way it was so inevitable. The way not a single car caught in the backwash of the initial contact could avoid it. The way the cars all slowed but still went around the track with sparks flying and doors hanging off in a strange balletic procession.

The huge pile-up came on the 55th lap of the 75-lap event. The race was called just four laps later with Johnson in front. The win stood. But the real winner was whoever supplies NASCARs with new parts.