17 Runs In One Ball: The Big Bash Bowling Blunder Nobody Can Believe

A seagull could've pooped on his head. But otherwise, this was about as disastrous as it gets.

Poor old Riley Meredith.

The Hobart Hurricanes paceman has had a break-out season, bowling as fast as anyone in Australia, give or take Mitchell Starc. All summer, Shane Warne has been singing his praises. The 22-year-old really does look the goods.

But in the Big Bash match between the Hobart Hurricanes and Melbourne Renegades at Blundstone Arena last night, things turned ugly in the Tassie local's very first over.

This, people, was the over from hell. Because of wides and no-balls, it lasted 10 balls. Ten agonising balls. And 23 runs. And 17 runs OFF ONE BALL (due to wides and no-balls).

The video is here. It should probably carry some sort of warning about graphic cricket scenes or something. It sure makes distressing viewing for one Riley Meredith.

For those who enjoy breaking these things down, let's run you through it:

Ball 1: A 144 km/h yorker. No run. Great start.

Score: 0/0

Ball 2: Shorter ball. Again no run. Good variation.

Score: 0/0

Ball 3: Marcus Harris runs the ball to deep square leg for a single.

Score: 0/1

It was all a bit of a blur after that.

We simply had to write the line above this pic when we found it in our image library. Image: Getty.

Ball 4: No-ball. Finch offers no stroke but Meredith has overstepped.

Score: 0/2

Ball 4 (rebowled): A shocking wide yorker beats the diving keeper. Five wides.

Score: 0/7

Ball 4 (rebowled): No-ball. He oversteps again. Finch tries to whack it but nicks it down to fine leg for four.

Score: 0/12

Ball 4 (rebowled): No-ball. Another overstep! And a bad full toss which Finch crunches to the long off boundary

Score: 0/17

Ball 4 (rebowled): Better ball. Still a single for Finch.

Score 0/18

At least he probably got some free Cadbury chocolate and salmon and KFC afterwards. Hopefully it wasn't all in one bowl. Image: Getty

Ball 5: Single to Harris. Nearly a run out.

Score: 0/19

Ball 6: Angling towards leg side. Four leg byes

Score 0/23

In summary: Eeeeeek!

Here's your cap, mate. Not sure where your radar is. Image: Getty

Now, we should actually give Meredith some credit here. He came back for another couple of overs and finished up with 1/43 off 3, which means his final two overs went for 10 runs each.

He even took the wicket of the dangerous Dan Christian, who might have been able to steer the Renegades home. As it turned out, the visitors faltered in their chase, falling 16 runs short.

This means that Riley Meredith's ball and over from hell did not contribute to a night from hell for his team.

It also means that the Hobart Hurricanes finish first in the Big Bash preliminary phase and have secured a home semi final, at which Meredith will doubtless be a little nervous as he runs into the crease the first couple of times.