Footy Player Takes Pants Off To Prove He Didn't Take Pants Off

How low can they go? We're talking about the pants here, people. Well, mostly.

Dylan Napa faced the cameras yesterday and he came across as a perfectly contrite and respectable young man who happens to have had some extremely lewd video of him circulate through social media over summer.

"If it was you, how would you feel?" he rhetorically retorted to a reporter who inquired as to his current state of mind.

"There were some dark days," he added."

Napa switched to the Bulldogs in the off-season after winning a premiership with the Roosters last year. Little of the pre-season talk around him has focused on that. It's all been about the video footage, which was taken five years ago but circulated this year.

"It's unnecessary stress on the club, it's unneeded, it sucks," he said of the focus on him.

"It wasn't the ideal start to 2019."

But 2019 didn't look like it was getting any better for Napa, as yet another crude video did the rounds this week.

"Whatever, I don't know" was Napa's comment yesterday when asked if there may be more videos of him out there, and there was a suggestion that Napa was again the man in this video.

He is said to have refuted this rumour in an unorthodox but highly effective manner this week.

Fairfax Media reported overnight that Napa removed his pants in front of a Bulldogs official to show he had no tattoo on his upper thigh, as the person in the video did.

It's one of the rare cases we've heard of an NRL player dropping their dacks in broad daylight with good intentions.