Wink Or Eye Twitch? What To Make Of Bernie's Bizarre Behaviour

So Bernard Tomic is a winker.

Or is he? Was that a facial twitch or a wink? We're not the first to wonder.

Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

Historically, the intrigue surrounding Bernard Tomic was around whether he'd become a consistently excellent tennis player one day. He's 26 now, and most people have lost all hope of that happening. Intrigue rating: low

More recently, the intrigue was around his feud with Lleyton Hewitt. After last night's '60 Minutes' interview, it's clear that the feud bubbles on and there are now threats of legal action. Intrigue rating: moderate.

But by far the most intriguing thing to come out of last night's interview? It wasn't anything Tomic said with his mouth. It's what he did with his eyes. Intrigue rating: extreme.

Seriously, Bernie, what the actual? And why?

And wait, did you really just ask Allison Langdon -- mid interview -- to go to a restaurant with you?

There really are only two possible scenarios here. The first is that Bernard Tomic has a facial twitch.

Or two, he was actually winking at Langdon, in which case we're cringing.

Either way, we feel certain we may hear crowd chants of "Tomic's a winker" at his next match.