Cat Invades Pitch At Football Match And Refuses To Leave

When fans turned up to the Everton match on Saturday night, they expected to see the Blues take on the Wolverhampton Wolves.

But a different type of animal also turned up for the match at Goodison Park in Liverpool.

A black cat invaded the pitch and caused a lengthy delay as it ran around the field.

With no idea of the chaos it was causing, the cat made itself at home, as players watched on in amusement.

As the commentators pointed out, not one ground steward or staff member was willing to take on the vicious feline.

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Eventually the cat made its way to the sideline, but fans loved the unexpected interjection.

Some joker even decided to make a Twitter account in the cat's name.

And the black cat certainly brought bad luck for Everton, as they went down 3-1 to the visiting side.

But at least the home fans didn't leave empty-handed, with the cat providing the best entertainment of the night.