Brazilians Have The Cheekiest Name For Tom Brady

Let's be very clear about who Brazilians see as the key member of the Gisele Bundchen/Tom Brady Power couple.

If The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta today, Tom Brady will have his sixth Super Bowl ring, which would break the record he already holds. (You can see all his NFL records here.)

Brazilians aren't impressed with that. To them, he's just Gisele Bundchen's husband.

Ahem. A little higher please, Giselle. This is a family website. Obrigado.

At age 41, Tom Brady is a marvel of athleticism and longevity, but Brazilians don't think twice about that either.

They're more impressed that at age 38, Bundchen is still one of the world's highest-paid models and most powerful women, who dedicates her time and energy to causes such as Save the Children, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and various environmental programs.

Seriously, you guys. You've got to get those hands just a little bit higher. Please.

Tom Brady strides the biggest sporting stage in America without blinking.

Big deal, say Brazilians. THIS is how you stride a stage.

This was Giselle at the Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony, walking out to the tune of Girl From Ipanema. Your correspondent was there. GOOSEBUMPS.

By now, you no doubt get the idea that Gisele is kind of a national icon in Brazil, while Brady is pretty much just "that guy who's her husband". This brings us to their name for him.

It's "Giselo".

In Portuguese (which is the language of Brazil), the suffix "o" is for male things. So the name more or less translates as "Mr Giselle".


Or as one Brazilian told me in the tweet above when I mentioned this subject in the terrible Portuguese I've been trying to learn:

"The star here is Gisele. He's just another gringo!"

You know what? That's not entirely true. There's actually quite a lot of admiration for Brady in Brazil. The woman below tweeted to say that he is admired and even idolised for what he does.

He still doesn't get his own name, though. He's "Giselo". Mr Gisele. And the majority of Brazil's 209 million people see it that way.