Tim Paine Had History's Worst Toss Record. One Trick Just Changed That.

TAILS! IT WAS TAILS! And Tim Paine smiled. And the world was suddenly a slightly less cruel place.

Australian Test cricket captain Tim Paine has not had a good run with the coin toss. In his eight Tests, he's won just one. Very bad coin areas.

But hallelujah! Tim Paine just won a toss. In the first ever cricket Test in the national's capital, at Canberra's picturesque Manuka Oval, Sri Lanka captain Dinesh Chandimal called heads, but it was a tail.

A beautiful, beautiful tail. Which for now at least, elevates Paine slightly from the very bottom of the list of the 173 Test captains worldwide to have played at least eight Tests.

Oh, and Paine decided to bat. Which is generally why you want to win a toss.

In an ideal world, the result of a five-day cricket match would not hinge on the tumbling of a small piece of currency. But the hard truth is, it often does because batting first is usually an advantage.

For example, Paine's only previous coin toss win happened in Australia's recent Test against India in Perth. We batted first and it was the only match we won in that series.

So what changed today?

Well, Paine knew he had to do something to improve his toss game, which is why he said before this match that he might go left-handed.

"I do need to try something. I can’t keep doing the same thing and getting the same results," he said.

Was it not Einstein himself who said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"?

Tim Paine is no genius, but at least he got one key thing right today. Now, if only he could make a few runs...