The Awkward Fault In Andy Murray's X-Rated X-Ray

Move along... nothing to see here. Unless of course you mean that large thing at the bottom.

Tennis star Andy Murray just had a hip operation, so hip hip hooray for that, and please stop obsessing over that large protuberance at the bottom of the X-ray image.

Any resemblance to anything beyond his hip bone is just a phallusy -- sorry, obviously we mean a phallacy.

Murray, 31, lost a five-setter in the first round of this month's Australian Open, then flew back to London for hip surgery.

The op went well and Murray posted photos of his hip bones.

Many noted certain other "bones" that were visible, but that's only because they have puerile, infantile minds.

Murray is a member of an elite club -- having reached world number one during the tennis golden age of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

For some reason, all people today can talk about is his elite member.

In summary, we'd agree wholeheartedly with the commenter on Instagram who wrote "Dude we are all pulling for you to have a quick recovery".



10 daily has contacted several X-Ray clinics to speak to a radiologist but we haven't heard back yet. We'll confirm the precise nature of the appendage as soon as we do.