Watch This Basketball Player Get Kicked In The Head After A Slam Dunk

Corey Brewer of the Philadelphia 76ers added insult to injury -- literally -- after scoring a slam dunk.

The 76ers played the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on Saturday night.

Brewer made a run towards the basket and dunked the ball in the hoop in spectacular fashion, hanging from the ring for effect.

But as he dropped down from his swing, he accidentally kicked Nuggets forward Torrey Craig in the back of the head.

Corey Brewer drives the ball past Torrey Craig. Image: AAP

Craig immediately crumpled to the floor, hurt,

Despite Brewer's best attempts of dismissing the incident, he was given a technical foul.

Craig lay dazed on the court for a few moments, before he recovered and continued to play.

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For the record, the acrobatic display was all in vain.

The Nuggets went on to win 126-110.