Fans' Beautiful Message To Soccer Player Lost In Plane Crash

Cardiff City and FC Nantes supporters have both constructed memorials for lost striker Emiliano Sala who is missing after his private plane vanished over the English Channel.

A three-day search was called off on Friday morning as rescue efforts for Sala and pilot David Ibbotson proved to be in vain.

The Argentine striker had been due to complete a transfer from French club FC Nantes to Cardiff City as the Welsh club look to avoid relegation from the English Premier League.

"The chances of survival at this stage are extremely remote," said Harbour Master Captain David Barker.

A memorial at the training ground of FC Nantes (Image AAP)

With the rescue effort now abandoned fans of both clubs have set up memorials for Sala with Cardiff fans leaving a poignant message for the missing player.

"We never saw you play and never saw you score but Emiliano our beautiful bluebird we will love you forever more," reads the banner.

Cardiff City's nickname is the Bluebirds.

Sala playing for FC Nantes in Ligue 1 (Image AAP)

The English Premier League has announced there will be 'a moment of silent reflection' at every match next week

Some have not given up hope for the player's discovery however,  Premier League footballers including Manchester City's Sergio Aguero have posted pleas to resume the search.

Emiliano's sister Romina pleads for the search to continue (Image AAP)

Meanwhile, Sala's sister, Romina Sala has made a public appeal to continue the rescue operation to find her brother and Ibbotson.

"All I want is that they find my brother and that they find the pilot and that they put themselves in our shoes and in my heart I feel that they are alive and they are well, please don't stop searching for them," she said.

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