This Guy Has Got One Of The Weirdest Jobs In Sport

Ted Rath has an important role as director of strength training and performance for the Los Angeles Rams NFL team.

But Rath has a secondary role that could prove to be equally as important when the Rams face the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl.

He is also charged with stopping head coach Sean McVay from getting poleaxed by the line judge while he communicates with his team from the sideline.

Moving with his coach, watching his every move like a nervous parent, Rath regularly steps in to take him out of the way of incoming officials to avoid being penalised.

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It's a strange but vital role and the Rams will be hoping there aren't any collisions in the Super Bowl to derail their challenge.

It almost looks like a dance (Image Twitter/@NFLFilms)

Amazingly Rath isn't alone in his job of 'driving coaches' and we're not just talking about people who steer buses for a living.

Clemson Tigers' College Football Team also has a man by the name of Adam Smotherman to turn his coach away from the flying officials.

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