This Young Stefanos Tsitsipas Video Is Death By Adorable

He's on fire at the Australian Open this year, but wait'll you see this Stefanos Tsitsipas video from 2012.

The voice. The hair. The honesty. The way he says "sorry?" when he doesn't quite hear a question.

An unearthed video of 2019 Australian Open semifinalist Stefanos Tsitsipas is 17 times* more adorable than the most adorable thing you've watched this week.

*Offical stat.

In a newly discovered 2012 interview from a junior tennis tournament in Sweden, a shy 13-year-old Tsitsipas, yet to grow his trademark hair, looks and sounds like a little mouse as he answers questions about his tennis aspirations.

Have fun trying to pronounce "Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris in 2012", won't you.

"My best weapon is my backhand and my volley," the young star practically squeaks in the interview.

And what a backhand it has turned out to be.

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In the interview, the budding Greek superstar reveals that he began playing tennis when he was just three.

At six, he began studying Roger Federer’s single-handed backhand. He is now almost the only topline player to favour its finesse over the more powerful double-handed version.

Look mum, one hand! Image: Getty

Tsitsipas would go one to be junior world number within a few years of this interview, and had high hopes for his future professional career.

"I will do my best to be in the top," he says.

After a string of impressive wins at the Australian Open, Tsitsipas looks to be keeping to his word, defeating his idol and former world number one, Roger Federer in the fourth round of the tournament.

He now faces world number two and 2009 Australian Open winner Rafael Nadal tonight. The 20-year-old has beaten Djokovic and Federer before, but never the other member of men's tennis' "big three".

The best part? In this opinion of this writer, he's just as adorable as ever.

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