Disbelief, Fury And Smashed TVs After Inexplicable NFL Call

The LA Rams will play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in two weeks, but that's not the main story.

The Rams beat the New Orleans Saints 26-23 in a thrilling overtime result in the NFC Championship game, but that's not the main story either.

The main story is the worst NFL refereeing blunder in modern memory.

Here's what happened. With the scores tied at 20-all deep in the final quarter, the Saints were pushing for victory. Veteran quarterback Drew Brees threw it in the direction of receiver Tommylee Lewis.

Nup, we have no idea either, Drew.

Would Lewis catch it and secure possession for his team deep in an attacking position -- with the almost certain likelihood of either a touchdown or match-winning field goal to follow?

He would not, because Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Corman took him out with a completely illegal move which was inexplicably not called as such.

You cannot -- repeat, cannot -- take out a guy early, helmet-to-helmet, the way Robey-Corman did. Such a play is always ruled interference.

According to American football writers who interviewed Robey-Corman afterwards, even the player himself knew he'd committed a foul.

Yet somehow, the play stood. And long story short, the Rams won the match in overtime and fans of both the New Orleans Saints and football itself are all FURIOUS.

Starting now.

And ending probably never.

At least this guy won't have to watch the refs screw-up next year.

Nice one, Hulk.

The NFL is yet to issue a statement on the obvious mistake, despite word that it knows it got it wrong.

Some insiders believe NFL supremos are haggling over the wording of what is sure to be a much-dissected missive, if and when it arrives.