Female Coach Of Men's Football Club Says She Picks The Team "On Penis Size"

Press conferences can be boring affairs, but not in German football.

When a journo asked Imke Wubbenhorst, coach of fifth-tier German side BV Cloppenburg, if she thought she should sound a siren before entering her team's change room so the male players had time to cover up, she delivered a tongue-in-cheek response no one was expecting.

"Of course not. I am a pro. I pick my players based on penis size," she replied.

Image: BV Cloppenburg

Wubbenhorst is breaking down barriers in Germany. She's the first female coach of a men's team in the top five tiers of the country's football leagues.

Last month, she was named coach of the fifth-tier BV Cloppenburg and has already faced blatant sexism in her new role.

A former assistant coach of the team was sacked after telling her he would not pick up training cones for a woman.

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But Wubbenhorst said her past as a sports teacher means she doesn't pay attention to comments made to her.

“The topic bounces off me. I want me to be judged on the athletic performance, not on whether I’m a woman or a man,” Wubbenhorst said.

“I will not have any problems with (asserting) authority. I’m a teacher.”

Despite Wubbenhorst's response clearly being a joke, we're not sure how her substitutes will feel sitting on the bench for the next match.