Wow! Nadal Plays Shot Of Tournament As He Beats Alex De Minaur

Is there anything Rafael Nadal can't do? Any ball he can't reach? Any shot he can't play?

It was one of those moments that made you go "yep, that's why a great of the game is so great".

Young Aussie Alex de Minaur handled himself pretty well in his match against Rafael Nadal, the 32-year-old, 17-time Grand Slam winner and current world number two.

But with shots like the one Nadal played in the first game of the second set, there was only ever going to be one winner.

Famed for his ability to chase any ball down and get it back, the Spaniard nonetheless surprised and thrilled the crowd -- and perhaps even himself -- with the sweetness of this down-the-line winner.

Oh, stop it. How do you actually DO that?

De Minaur showed some fight and lovely finishing touches of his own.

He actually saved five match points, saving his best tennis for the very last game of the match.

But in the end, Nadal went on to beat the 19-year-old Sydneysider 6-1 6-2 6-4 in what commentators called a real "master and apprentice" kind of performance.

Despite the lopsided scoreline, the apprentice wasn't disgraced. In fact, a match point that he saved in the last game was one of the best points of the tournament, and had even the great Rod Laver out of his seat.

The Melbourne sunset also put in a pretty decent performance, it must be said.