Australian Open Fans Fight Over Star's Sweaty Headband

A pair of fans served up a different sort of Australian Open action as they fought to claim the headband of tennis star Aryna Sabalenka at Melbourne Park.

There are many things you may consider having a tussle over -- a suitcase of money, a bag of diamonds or the keys to a Ferrari.

One thing you're unlikely to see is two grown women having a full tug-of-war over a sweaty headband.

But that's exactly what happened after Belarussian star Sabalenka threw hers into the crowd after her match.

As if it was the last bit of food on earth, the women who both claimed ownership of the soggy accessory refused to back down and fought gamely for their 'prize'.

The two women were removed from the court by security guards after their 'headband brawl' got a little bit too strange for security's liking.

The Headband tug of war gets some awkward looks (Image AAP)

Even then though, there was no giving in as neither women were about to give up the soggy prize.

According to the journalist who captured the video, neither woman ended up claiming the accessory, with security confiscating it from both of them.

The women wouldn't even let go when security arrived. (Image AAP

Sabalenka is now through to the third round of the Australian Open after she beat Great Britain's Katie Boulter 6-3 6-4.

If she can show half the fight these two, did she'll have a big chance of getting her hands on the trophy.