The Whole World Is Loving Awer Mabil's Awesome Aussie Goal Celebration

There was much more to this joyous moment than meets the eye.

Former South Sudanese refugee Awer Mabil, who grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya, scored an absolutely cracking goal for the Socceroos overnight as they beat Syria 3-2 in the Asian Cup.

There were so many wonderful elements to this goal.

The way he ran into space. The way he took on his opponent. The way he squeezed his shot between two defenders. And oh, the magical way it curved into the top corner of the net.

But even better scenes were to come.

Mabil jumped into coach Graham Arnold's arms after scoring, in one of the most excellent and passionate arm-jumping-into performances we've seen in a long time.

So much healthy man love.

There was lots going on here, besides the 23-year-old's elation at scoring a goal which helped see the Socceroos through to the next phase of the 2019 Asian Cup.

Primarily, there was respect and thanks for coach Graham Arnold, who gave Mabil his chance last year, as he looked to add youth and speed to a Socceroos team in transition.

Though Mabil had been doing good things for clubs in Denmark and Portugal, he hadn't really been on the national team radar until Arnie came along. You sense he's set to become a fixture in green-and-gold now.

Arnie, Awer, awesome.

There was also another element to Mabil's celebration. It was when he covered his mouth with one hand, and placed his other hand over it, with two fingers pointing upwards.

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It's a gesture he developed to raise awareness for people with mental health issues and to remind those people that help is available.

"I want them to know that people do care for them and it's all in the mind, they need to find someone to talk to," Mabil told media after the match.

"If I can create anything for them to be aware of and for people to see, that people do suffer from this, I'm the first to put my hand up and that's why I created that."

Mabil suffered depression himself early in his football career, and the gesture has become a bit of a trademark.

Back on the pitch, the match became a see-sawing contest after Mabil scored. We eventually won 3-2 thanks to an equally brilliant late Tom Rogic strike.

And to think, the Socceroos have had trouble scoring lately.

Need we remind you, we were the only one of the 32 nations at least year's FIFA World Cup who didn't score from open play (though we did score two penalties)?

If the Soccceroos and Awer Mabil make it to the 2022 World Cup, you can just about bet that won't happen.