Cricket Commentator Mark Nicholas Mistakes People With Dwarfism For Children

Cricket commentator Mark Nicholas has made an embarrassing error live on air.

Mark Nicholas made the gaff while commentating a South Africa and Pakistan match on Monday.

While cameras were filming a group of people cricket, Nicholas implied they were young children.

"It's important to start young," he said.

"Look at this, a little bit of spin, I like that."

Image: Tim Raglan

But they weren't young children, the group playing cricket have dwarfism.

His co-commentator at the time, former England player Kevin Pietersen, can be heard chuckling in the background as Nicholas makes the comments.

Sam Millard, National President of Short Statured People of Australia, said the comments made by Nicholas don't seem to be "malicious", but the incident does highlight the lack of awareness around dwarfism throughout the wider community.

"Short Statured people of all ages do battle with these kinds of issues whether it is at school, in the workplace or out participating in the community," he told 10 daily.

With misconceptions about someone’s age often leading to misconceptions about their ability.

"It is a key priority of our organisation to continue to educate and provide awareness to all, with the goal of normalising dwarfism across all areas of the community."

Nicholas, who anchored Channel 9's cricket coverage for nearly 15 years, was skewered by people on social media about the mistake.

"It was a positive sign to see that many of the comments on Twitter seemed to elude to this being an obvious error," Millard said.

Feature Image: Getty Images