Aussie Tennis Aces Slam The Open's 'Terrible' Balls

Two of Australia's biggest tennis stars have complained about the state of the balls at the Australian Open.

Bernard Tomic and John Millman (the man who defeated Roger Federer at the US Open) have both complained after tournament organisers changed the ball suppliers from Wilson to Dunlop.

Millman spoke about the balls after his Sydney International quarter-final defeat to Giles Simon on Friday morning, saying they suffered in the cold air, referring to them as 'dead' when used in cold conditions.

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Tomic was even harsher.

"These balls, I don't know what the Australian Open's done, but it's terrible... I don't feel like it's that good of a ball, I think it's pretty cheap," said Tomic.

Bernard Tomic shows exactly what he thinks of the new balls (Image AAP)

Not a great start then for the new five-year deal signed between the Open and Dunlop.

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Australia's Ash Barty has stepped in to defend the balls, however.

"I like them... they are not much different from the previous Wilson ball and I think they are a very fair ball."

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