Insult To Injury! Downed Brazilian Footballer Run Over By Medical Buggy

It's something out of a blooper's reel. Brazilian football Bernado was down injured when the unthinkable happened.

When you go down on the sporting pitch, the medical cart usually signals help, security, medical attention.

What it doesn't usually mean is a crushed foot.

But that's what happened to Trinidade player Bernardo, when he went down in the U-20 Copa Sao Paolo match against Flamengo.

Bernardo cops a tire to the foot as well as a back injury (Image Youtube/
MH Digitechnology)

As he lay prostrate on the floor, the buggy rolled to a stop next to him, but unfortunately just before it stopped, it went over his right foot.

According to CBS Sports, he was able to continue the game after being removed from the field.

In even better news for the battered and bruised Brazilian his side secured a 1-0 victory in the match.