Commentators Accidentally Said Cricketer Cameron Bancroft Was In Tame Impala

The Betoota Advocate's joke headlines have caught out many unsuspecting punters, but they've now claimed a big scalp after seemingly tricking commentators during a Big Bash cricket match.

On Wednesday night, the Channel 7's commentators were discussing Perth Scorchers batsman Cameron Bancroft, who had just come to the crease.

The team pulled up some info on-screen about the player -- who recently returned from suspension after his involvement in the infamous Cape Town ball-tampering scandal -- including that he speaks Spanish, is a qualified yoga instructor, and plays kazoo in Aussie band Tame Impala.

The only problem is, he doesn't play kazoo in Aussie band Tame Impala.

The graphic displayed by Channel 7

That information came from a headline in the Betoota Advocate, the Australian satirical website.

Betoota is currently running stories on its page like "Little Cousin Wants To Know If You’ve Ever Heard Of Goon Of Fortune", "Soon-To-Be Very Unwell Man Has Another Hash Brownie Because First Didn’t Work After 5 Minutes", and "'What About Men’s Rights?' Says 30-Something Whose Mum Still Does His Laundry".

In April 2018, Betoota ran a story titled "Cameron Bancroft Returns To Former Job Playing The Kazoo In Tame Impala", with a doctored image of Bancroft's face on the body of a long-haired musician playing a keyboard on stage.

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Tame Impala, the psychedelic rock band of Perth musician Kevin Parker, has won numerous ARIA awards, been twice nominated for Grammy Awards, headlined some of the biggest music festivals around the world, but -- as far as we can tell -- has never featured either a kazoo player or cricketer Cameron Bancroft.

The photo from the Betoota article, as displayed by Channel 7

"I think he's a bit of a muso too," commentator Michael Slater said on 7's coverage.

"I think he's a bit of a rock and roller... I don't know what sort of music he plays."

The broadcast then brought up the Betoota image of Bancroft with long hair, as the commentators marvelled at his locks and musical skill.

Tufnell, Blewett and Slater discuss Bancroft's musical background

"Bit of a Chris Martin look," Slater added.

"Is that his hair?" Phil Tufnell asked.

"Bit of Bono around the jawline," said Greg Blewett, referring to the U2 frontman.

The slip-up wasn't missed by those on social media, with Betoota themselves among the first to comment.

"Once again the mainstream media feels entitled enough to repackage our investigative journalism and republish it as their own," the website said on Instagram.

The band Tame Impala even commented on the post after being tagged, responding "this is amazing".

Others also noticed.

In other satirical cricket news, Australia are doing well in the Fourth Test.