Race Caller's Brilliant, Theatrical Moment Of Pure Genius

The winning horse's name was "Dumtadumtadum". Just wait till you hear the call.

This is wonderful.

This is an example of a man going to work on the last day of the year and saying "my work is not yet done. I will finish this year with a bang, not a whimper".

So it was that American race caller Dave Rodman went to the New Year's Eve meeting at Laurel Park in the state of Maryland and delivered the greatest race call we can remember.

The winner's name was "Dumtadumtadum" and the genius of the call was the way Rodman pronounced the horse's name.

It's not until you hear it that you get it. Just watch the video and be sure you've got the volume turned up.

Let's just say Rodman called the horse's name exactly the way the people who named it would have hoped.


And in another amusing news, some are calling the racecourse "Yanny Park" because it seems they just can't hear the word "Laurel".