This Huge Cow Mascot Almost Killed A Rival Dog At A Football Game

It was a David and Goliath battle, and hostilities broke out before the game even started.

It was meant to be a quiet photo opportunity, in the calm before the storm.

Minutes before the Texas Longhorns were due to take on the Georgia Bulldogs, in American college football's prestigious Sugar Bowl, photographers assembled on the field. Uga, the bulldog mascot of Georgia's highly-ranked team, was out on the grass soaking up the attention, bathing in the flash of cameras.

But the moment was ruined as Bevo, the longhorn mascot from Texas, suddenly broke free from its pen and charged. The unsuspecting Uga, no cow-ard by any stretch, was sent scrambling, along with the photographers and team officials.

As Texas and Georgia prepared to do battle on the field, it was bull vs bulldog on the sidelines in New Orleans -- and it was anything but an even match-up, with each of Bevo's horns longer than Uga's whole body.

It took three men in cowboy hats to wrangle the longhorn back into line, after it busted free from the enclosure gates and appeared to run right at the dog.

The two mascots had been meant to have a pre-game meeting and photo op, but that plan was ditched after the unscheduled -- yet perhaps inevitable -- clash.

Bevo appeared to be in a bad moo-d, cooped up in the pen on the sidelines.

Here's the footage from another angle, to show that the fleeing officials weren't just milking it for attention:

The fiery incident probably came as a surprise to handlers, as the two animals had an incident-free meeting only the day before -- albeit where Bevo was safely restrained in the back of a truck.

Live animal mascots are a big deal in the U.S. college football trade -- no humans dressed in foam costumes here, with the mascots attaining cult favourite status in the riotous and tribal atmosphere of university sports.

Bevo has its own Twitter account, with 21,000 followers, and travels in a specially-designed and branded vehicle. The Texas team also renames one of the streets around its stadium to 'Bevo Boulevarde' on game days.

No bull.

We're just hoping Uga wasn't left feeling too bull-ied by the whole experience.