Hilariously Inappropriate Commentary Joke As Ball-Tamperer Cameron Bancroft Out For Two

The whole of Australia was watching as ball-tamperer Cameron Bancroft walked to the crease with the Perth Scorchers in trouble.

In the commentary box, former English off-spinner Phill Tufnell unleashed what sounded like an awful rehearsed joke.

"I just hope his mother sewed his pockets up."

His fellow commentator Ricky Ponting appeared less than impressed.

"It's a bit too soon for jokes, isn't it?" he remarked.

Tufnell's joke was ofcourse in reference to the piece of sandpaper Bancroft infamously walked on to a South African pitch less than a year ago -- though it was concealed in his pants, not pocket.

Bancroft was out shortly afterwards for just two, caught behind off Riley Meredith.

After being suspended for his part in the ball-tampering scandal, this was the 26-year-old West Australian batsman's return to big time cricket -- nine months and two days in the making.

His assignment: a Big Bash match for the Perth Scorchers against the Hobart Hurricanes in Launceston.

This was never going to be a return without drama.

From a cricketing perspective, the struggling Scorchers faced a tough assignment against the unbeaten top-of-the-table Hurricanes.

From a personal perspective, the challenge for Bancroft was to be able to walk out like any other player and just play cricket.

The Launceston crowd didn't let him do that, booing as he made his entrance.

Unfortunately, the Seven team were talking as he walked out, in what may or may not have been a deliberate attempt to drown out the booing.

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During the week, on day one of the third Test between Australia and India at the MCG, Bancroft gave what was billed as a tell-all interview with cricket legend Adam Gilchrist.

In it, he took full responsibility for his part in the ball-tampering scandal, while also naming David Warner as the instigator.

Opinion was strongly divided after that. Some said he had absolved himself. Others saw it as public relations spin, arguing that the "I didn't know better and "I just did it for the team" justifications were incredibly naive, unforgivable statements from a professional sportsperson.

And nearly everybody who watched it pointed out that Bancroft was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt in the interview, which to say the least was an odd wardrobe choice.

Anyway, Bancroft is back now. And if tonight is any taste, the public won't be forgiving him anytime soon.