US Commentators And Fans Wowed By Aussie Punter's NFL Drop Kick

Aussie NFL rookie Micheal Dickson has again wowed fans and commentators for his unique kicking style.

While drop kicks haven't been seen in the National Football League (NFL) in America for decades, the 22-year-old from Sydney had no problem with reintroducing it.

Playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Dickson thumped a whopping 51-metre drop kick, proving why he was chosen as the first rookie punter to be included in the Pro Bowl in 33 years.

Fans and commentators alike were in awe after Dickson's second drop kick this season, with  co-commentator Cris Collingsworth saying, "If I am a scout I am going to Australia!"

Dickson first made headlines when he drop kicked a ball that flew 50 metres against the Chicago Bears.

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Dickson has an AFL background -- he played for the University of New South Wales and also received a place in the Sydney Swans talent academy.

Dickson was drafted by Seattle in the fifth round of the NFL after playing college football for the University of Texas in 2017.