Andrew Gaze's Foul-Mouthed Team Talk Caught On Camera

Sydney Kings NBL coach Andrew Gaze has lashed out at TV broadcasters after a vicious spray at his team was caught on camera.

During his team's 81-70 National Basketball League win over the Cairns Taipans, Gaze was caught on camera swearing as he tried to motivate his players.

"When they're in the 12, this baseline guy's got a finger up his arse," Gaze said in a team huddle while giving instructions.

The coach said sorry but also lashed out at TV broadcasters, claiming he was given no warning he would be on camera during a timeout in the game.

"I'd like to apologise for what was said, but I think it's grossly unfair, what they do to the coaches in those circumstances," he said.

“Unfortunately this league has a policy of going in there without telling us."

“I said something that was private, that was in the context of our huddle and that was inappropriate for the public to hear."

Gaze talks to his players during a timeout (Image AAP)

Cameras regularly zoom in to capture these intense team talks, but with no warning, Gaze said there needs to be more notice given to coaches considering the high-pressure environment they're in.

"If they've got to do it, OK put a sign up, put a red light up and then it's on us," he said.

"When I don't know whether it's on or off, I'm embarrassed for myself and it shouldn't happen."

The Kings' victory over the Taipans saw the Sydney side move up to second place in the championship. Meanwhile, Cairns are still on the bottom of the ladder after picking up just one victory from 13 matches.