Swiss Skier Knocked Out In Sickening World Cup Crash

The crowd was totally hushed as Marc Gisin's downhill run came to a horrific end in a World Cup race.

The Swiss skier was all grace and power as he flew down the slopes of Val Gardena in Italy's Dolomites. Then it all went wrong.

Just before the infamous 'camel hump' section of the course, his ski came out from under him at 120 km/h and he was tossed over the hump.

Gisin goes over the hump (Image 10 Play)

Powerless to stop himself, the 30-year-old's skis flew off and he landed with a huge thud. The racer then slid down for several seconds before he finally came to a halt further down the slope.

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"Marc is awake and his condition is stable. He was unconscious for a very long time," his Olympic gold medal-winning sister Michelle Gisin told Swiss newspaper,

The race was suspended for around 30 minutes after the accident, as the skier was airlifted from the mountain.

Gisin finished 21st in this year's Winter Olympics Downhill event (Image 10 Play)

"His condition is stable enough to be flown back to Switzerland tonight... and undergo further examinations there. The exact diagnosis is expected Sunday afternoon," a statement from the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) said.

The ferocity of the fall brought back memories of some of the worst ski racing crashes.

Meanwhile the world has reached out through to social media to wish the downhill skier a quick recovery. 

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