The World's Most Famous Couple You've Probably Never Heard Of

Meet "Virushka", The Posh and Becks Of India.

Move over Brangelina, Tomkat, Bennifer and Kimye.

The biggest celebrity super couple in the world today has a portmanteau name like the ones just mentioned, but they're not American. Neither are they the product of Hollywood, though one half is Bollywood.

Meet "Virushka", otherwise known as Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, collectively estimated to be worth around AU$119 million. 

Kohli, 30, is the Indian cricket captain and -- in the absence of suspended Australian Steve Smith -- unquestionably the world's best batsman.

He is also involved in numerous charitable works and businesses, has as many as 20 brand endorsements, and was named one of Time's 100 most influential people for 2018 alongside the likes of Donald Trump and Nicole Kidman.

Sharma, also 30, is a Bollywood actor and ex-model, who like many women in Hollywood, has her own women's clothing line -- called "Nush".

She also supports causes around gender equality, animal rights and is studying a Master of Economics.

In the world's second most populous nation, India (whose population is tipped to overtake China's within six years), no couple is better known or more idolised.

And this week, the Virushka hype is set to hit Australia, when the couple unites after the first Test in Adelaide for their first wedding anniversary on December 11.

The couple married in a private ceremony in Italy last year.

The reception for relatives in Delhi afterwards was quite the occasion.

As was the one for cricketers and other friends in Mumbai a week after that.

Yes, there were multiple public receptions for India's favourite couple. But that's a measure of their fame and popularity. India just can't get enough of them.

But when you strip all the adulation aside, who are they?

The word "role model" is thrown around pretty readily these days, but there is much to admire about the clean lives these two lead. She is a vegetarian who meditates daily. Kohli is a teetotaller.

They're also -- despite their fame, and no doubt partly because of it -- quite private people. In a revealing feature for ESPN Magazine's "Fame" issue this year, Kohli spoke about how he hates many of the trappings of fame, such as the way paparazzi stake out his apartment every day.

He said their individual experiences with handling fame were a "massive, massive" part of their bond.

Interestingly, the couple's respective Instagram feeds -- she has 21.6 million followers, he has 27 million -- rarely feature the two of them together. Kohli posts about cricket and his business and charitable works. She posts about fashion, movies and magazines.

Oh, there's the occasional post where they're together.

And inevitably, these are the ones with the most likes and engagement.

But mostly, it's about their individual passions. Both Kohli and Sharma understand they are public property. But their relationship -- unlike the rest of their lives -- is not a commodity they actively sell.

Regardless, India really can't get enough of these two. And this week, it'll be Australia's turn.

Expect an influx of Indian paparazzi and Virushka mania in Australia this week. Whether Anushka will make it to the cricket which starts next Friday in Perth, we'll have to see. But she's done it before.