Mundine Horn River City Rumble: Horn Knocks Mundine Out After 90 Seconds. Fight Over

It took what seemed like all night to start. And it took less than two minutes to finish.

Jeff Horn has knocked Anthony Mundine out within 90 seconds in the River City Rumble in Brisbane, and by so doing, ended Mundine's career.

Experts said that Horn would be hard to stop early. They said Mundine's best chance was to get through the early rounds and hang tough.

But he couldn't even get through the first round.

Horn was all over Mundine from the start. After 90 seconds, two body punches, then a brutal left hook did the damage. Right on the chin. Oof! Fight over.

"I was expecting a tough fight from Choc," Horn said.

He didn't really get one.

"Jeff proved tonight that he was the better man," Mundine said.

"I was ready, I prepared well. It's boxing, you get caught sometimes.

"Good luck to Jeff."

Jeff Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton told Macquarie Sports Radio that his fighter wanted to make a statement, "and you can't make a much bigger statement than he made there".

"I wanted the mongrel back in that fight and you just saw the mongrel back there."

Mundine later confirmed that it was the end of his career. There was never going to be a return from a loss like that. And Horn suddenly has his credibility back after losing pretty badly to American Terence Crawford earlier this year.

"I'd like to be remembered as someone who's real, who speaks the truth," 43-year-old Mundine said when asked about his legacy.

Mundine's legacy is a little more complicated than that. One of the most controversial Australian sporting figures of all-time, he has frequently divided opinion with his statements on everything from America's responsibility for the September 11 attacks to the treatment of Indigenous Australians.

But he also has done incredibly good work in the community, and has put boxing back on the map in Australia across his 18-year career.

The Man is done. Jeff Horn is the man now.


Not the best start for the Horn family.

All set.

First, Jeff was stuck in traffic on the way to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane tonight.

Then his brother Ben was beaten in a fight on the undercard.

A reminder: Anthony Mundine is 48-8 across his career and has been a world champion three times. Horn is 20-1-1, and famously beat Manny Pacquiao, the legendary Filipino in April 2017.

All good so far for The Man.

We'll keep you posted as the fight nears. It was scheduled for 9:30 pm local time, or 10:30 pm AEDT, but the undercard is taking a little longer to play out than expected. As often tends to happen.

This is not making fans happy.

While you're waiting, why not read our story on what Sven Ottke had to say about Mundine?

Ottke, you may recall, was the German who knocked Mundine to the canvas in 2001 in the 10th round of their fight in Dortmund, Germany. Mundine was out cold. The image of him on the canvas became an iconic moment.

But guess what? You won't believe this, but Ottke retired with a perfect 34-0 record yet said that Mundine was the best he ever fought. Yes, the very best.

Sometimes -- perhaps because of the controversial things he's said and the way he's said them -- we lose sight of just what a great athlete Mundine was. And still is. For now...

Meanwhile, interviewed on Macquarie Sports Radio earlier this week, Jeff Horn admitted that the fight was of "massive importance" in the wider context of his career.

"If I lose, people will say 'who are you losing against?' We thought you were the best there [in Australia]."

Interesting point.

And if you've read down this far, you don't need us to tell you that he is exactly that now after disposing of Mundine so quickly and mercilessly.