Mundine Grabs Horn's Throat At Weigh-In In One Last Desperate Thrust For Sporting Relevance

Anything to grab the the public's attention.

The River City Rumble is upon us, and Anthony Mundine and Jeff Horn just had their weigh-in.

Both boxers made their weights, with Mundine coming in at 70.25 and Horn at 70.5 kg. But the main news to come out of the event was Mundine, 43, grabbing his 30-year-old opponent's throat.

There was banter between the two, and Horn leaned over to whisper something.

Mundine didn't like that. Or who knows? Maybe he couldn't have cared less, and it was a pre-meditated move. Either way, he cracked, thrusting his arm out as the moment quickly became chaotic.

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"I'm just fired up man," Mundine then said, in the day's most obvious statement.

"I'm like a caged lion right now. I'm ready to eat him."

Surprise, surprise, something controversial happened at the weigh-in.

Sports betting agencies believe the lion's boxing skills may not be as impressive as its teeth. They've got Mundine at odds of $5 for Friday night's fight, which means the veteran is statistically only a one-in-five chance of winning.

This is almost certainly the last fight of Mundine's career. After a long, decorated and above all controversial career, he was never going to let this fight happen without a few headline-making moments.

Here's hoping a few of his punches are as on-target as this last minute grab for Horns's throat -- and the public spotlight.