Watch These Innocent Water Bottles Suffer José Mourinho's Violent Wrath

If this is how José Mourinho reacts when he's happy, we'd hate to see him mad.

Manchester United scored a late winner against Swiss team Young Boys in the Champions League overnight.

And then, as you can see in the video above, their manager José Mourinho starting smashing stuff like a football hooligan.

The Red Devils were pretty awful at home, but one of their star Belgians, Marouane Fellaini, found a late winner, much to the relief of fans and Mourinho.

At this point, you'd expect most managers to hug somebody or hold their arms aloft in triumph, or at least display some sort of behaviour which could be interpreted as falling on the positive side of the emotional ledger.

But José Mourinho is José Mourinho. Which is to say he's different. Which is to say he's the kind of crazy unpredictable SOB who celebrates by smashing two whole cartons of water bottles.

One copped the foot treatment. The second got the ol' heave-ho. Credit to the UK Telegraph, who wrote it up well:

"When finally Manchester United scored, Mourinho turned away to pick up his players’ basket of water bottles and smash them into the ground -- like an old rocker whose guitar has to pay for the sheer adrenaline of the performance."

These poor bottles are completely unaware that they have just moments to live.

United are now assured of a place in the knockout phase of the Champions League -- the tournament for Europe's finest clubs which they last won in the 2007/08 season. The standings are here.

Mourinho had benched some expensive big-name talent prior to this clash against a lowly team they were expected to beat comfortably. So for several reasons, you can understand his relief at the last-minute escape.

We're just not 100 per cent convinced he harnessed that emotion in a family-friendly manner. Bet he didn't clean up the bottles, either.