Football Club Tells Player: "Come Back When You're Not A F*cking Idiot"

When a beloved player leaves their club, most will get a heartfelt message of thanks for their time with the team.

Not for Lewis Keers.

The centre back played for Nursery Inn FC -- a small team in First Division of Hartlepool's Sunday Football League.

Located in the North East of England, it's not a club anyone has heard of, which explains a lot about Keers' extra-curricular activities.

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The club announced Keers would be leaving the club for the next 18 months -- because he's headed to a youth offender institution.

"As a club we’d like to wish Lewis Keers all the best as he parts ways with the Nursery Inn," the club tweeted.

"The young CB has been sentenced to 18 months in a youth offenders institution for attempted robbery."

But it's the parting words of Nursery Inn that have us most amused.

"We wish him all the best and hope he comes out less of a f*cking idiot."

In a player profile tweeted later, Keers' position is updated to CB/Behind Bars to reflect his new accommodation.

The club also lamented the fact they couldn't bail out the player in his time of need.

"He has bailed us out many times, shame he can't bail him out."

They will miss him, though.

We also hope Keers is less of an idiot when he gets out.