WATCH: Korean Happy Gilmore With INSANE Swing Wins Golf Tournament

Don't try this at home. Or on a golf course. Or anywhere.

This is real. This actually just happened. Life really did just imitate art. Well, that's if you can call 'Happy Gilmore' "art".

South Korean golfer Hosung Choi, who has a golf swing straight out of the movie 'Happy Gilmore', just won a tournament called the Casio World Open on Japan's professional tour.

Quick pop culture refresher: Here's Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore with his famous running golf swing.

And in the video at the top of this piece, you can see Choi's completely unorthodox, seemigly off-balance golf swing. You can also see it in the tweet below.

There really is no swing like Choi's in the non-Adam Sandler movie actual real world of golf. Not even close.

Wrote the leading golf site in an excellent profile piece:

"As his ball takes flight, he contorts his body as if he’s trying to escape a straightjacket, bending and twisting in whatever direction he is imploring his shot to fly."

So who is he and why the funky swing?

Choi is 45 and this is his fourth tournament win. He grew up in rural South Korea, working the fields and the seas with his father who was a farmer and fisherman. One day he took a job at a golf club and taught himself the game.

The rest you can imagine.

Interestingly, he only developed his crazy swing in the last few years. According to, he started to lose flexibility and distance after he hit 40 so decided to innovate.

It's now called the "fisherman swing" -- a reference both to Choi's background and the fact it slightly resembles a fisherman casting a rod.

But how on earth does it work?

Well, according to leading US-based Aussie golf commentator Ewan Porter, his swing looks messier than it is. At the point of contact, it's actually pretty pure.

"He gets the club to the top in an extremely unique and unorthodox fashion, but if any swing gurus or coaches looked at his swing from when it starts down, it’s pretty much textbook," Porter told 10 daily.

So all is well and good in the universe. Unorthodoxy can still triumph. Weird can still win. And Hosung Choi is now at a career-high ranking of number 209 in the world.

Just spare a thought for a Canberra golfer called Brendan Jones, who by all accounts is a top bloke. Jones, the world number 146, finished second to Choi this week by one stroke.