WATCH: Daniel Ricciardo Talking About His Unicorn Dreams Is Crazy AF

Don't tell Daniel Ricciardo that unicorns aren't real.

OOOOOkay then.

Daniel Ricciardo is into unicorns. He dreams about unicorns. He thinks his dreams about unicorns mean that good things will happen, and that those good things may involve rainbows. And other stuff too.

Here's what's going on here, as best as we can interpret.

Before his final race with the Red Bull team at this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (before he switches to Renault in 2019), Ricciardo was posed an extremely obscure open-ended question:

"Do you dare to dream that the final race could be what it could be?" the reporter asks.

This could mean anything. Literally anything at all. And quite frankly, this fountain of gobbledygook with a question mark at the end gets the answer it deserves.

"I certainly dream of unicorns a lot," Ricciardo replies.


"Yeah, they're certainly a sign of hope and opportunity. So I think my next tattoo is going to be a unicorn."

I give up. Is the answer: "unicorn"?

A summary of the conversation so far:

Reporter asks driver meaningless question unrelated to anything, with no mention of mythical creatures. Driver responds with reference to specific mythical creature, which he hopes one day to ink upon his skin.

OOOOOkay then.

Are we done with the silly?

We are not even close.

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The reporter wants to know if the tattoo will feature a rainbow, and if the unicorn will be eating cake, and if there will be stars because, ummm... NUP, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON EITHER.

And neither, after a while, does Ricciardo. "This has really gone sideways," he says. "Um, what was your question?"

"Can't remember," the reporter answers, which is probably a good thing. because nothing he's said thus far is worth recalling.

Dan wakes up and is gutted to find that it was all a dream and there is no unicorn grazing in his bedroom.

And then somehow, the conversation goes to unicorns again, before at last meandering its way to the matter of motor racing, and specifically the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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The Australian even manages to tie-in the whole mythical creature motif with the "fairy tale" finish he hopes he might achieve in his Red Bull denouement.

Sadly, there is no such magical result. He finishes fourth in the race and sixth on the overall standings for the year.

Which makes us wonder what all those unicorn dreams really meant because if they really are a sign of hope, well, THEY'RE NOT EXACTLY DOING THEIR UNICORNY JOB, ARE THEY?

And in today's irony, Ricciardo's new Renault team next year will not feature a horned-animal as its logo, as his current team Red Bull does.