Lewis Hamilton Wins Final F1 Of The Year, Shows More Tatt Than You Can Spray Bubbly At

Lewis Hamilton -- champion of the track and tattoo parlour.

British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton celebrated a personal record-tying 11th win in the final race of the Grand Prix season in Abu Dhabi overnight.

But it was the Mercedes' driver's celebration on the Grand Prix podium that everyone is talking about.

Hamilton took his shirt off and there were tattoos -- a whole load of tattoos.

Lewis Hamilton during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit. Image: Getty Images

Pointing to his incredibly inked back, Hamilton clearly had a message for the world. There was just one small problem, that message was lost because... did we mention, he has a lot of tattoos? It was like finding an inky needle in a very inky haystack.

However, people were quick to notice that it looked like he was pointing at the rather large cross tattoo that takes centre stage on his back.

This was an issue for some as Abu Dhabi is a predominantly Muslim country.

Clarifying his actions, Hamilton later said he was pointing at his 'Still I Rise' tattoo.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Hamilton after the race.

“I wanted to show ‘Still I Rise’ and I think it was the perfect moment because that’s really how it’s been this year."

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'Still I Rise' is from a poem by Mary Angelou and is about overcoming adversity. Hamilton also has the phrase printed on his helmet.

Image: AAP