Confused England Rugby Coach Delivers Magnificently Mangled Metaphor

You'll be in stitches in time after hearing this.

The Wallabies have not had the greatest year.

Indeed, it's been a bit of a disaster with losses to New Zealand, South Africa Wales, Ireland and even Argentina at home.

Our national men's rugby union team may not win football games, but at least they can feel superior in matters of language, thanks to this magnificently mangled metaphor from England coach Eddie Jones.

He smells a rat in the drainpipe.

Jones -- a former Wallabies coach -- was previewing this weekend's England/Wallabies clash, when he said "Australia will come at us like a bull at a China gate".

Whoa there. Slow down. A what coming at a what?

Yes, a bull at a China gate.

Not a bull in a China store. Nuh-uh.

Not a bull at a gate. Nope, not that either.

A bull at a China gate. Yes, a bull at a China gate.

Here's a gate in China we found to illustrate this for you. You'll have to picture the bull.

For the record, this is the original gate of Tsinghua University in Beijing. No bull.

As Matt Burke of 10 News First admirably put it, hopefully he can see the carrot at the end of the rainbow.

We just hope he takes it one mangled metaphor at a time.