Spooky Déjà Vu: Horror Crash Driver Sophia Floersch 'Kissed' Same Corner Three Days Ago

Sophia Floersch has been a motor sport ace her whole young life.

She finished high school in May and a glittering future lay ahead of her.

With luck, it still does after Sophia Floersch survived one of the most spectacular and horrific motor sport crashes anyone can remember.

Floersch, 17, was driving in the junior race at the at the Formula 3 World Cup in Macau. The trouble started when she contacted fellow driver Jehan Daruvala. This made her car spin. When she then contacted Sho Tsuboi's car, she catapulting at high speed into the fencing.

Miraculously, she was alive and was well enough to announce that surgery was imminent.

Incredibly, Floersch had a much more minor incident at the very same part of the track in qualifying. She "kissed" the wall at the Lisboa corner, as she put it.

Who could have known what a dramatic follow-up lay ahead of her?

Floersch has been driving since she was a young child.

Her website proudly shows pictures of her as a young girl, clearly revelling in being the only girl in what is still a very male-dominated environment.

And soon she was winning trophies.

The young driver oozes professionalism. In an interview with in July on the subject of her move onto the Formula 3 ranks, she said:

“I will give my utmost to reward all stakeholders and with the experience and support of VAR, I am convinced that I will learn a lot."

When's the last time you heard a 17-year-old girl use the word "stakeholders"? This is a young woman who knows that to make it in the highly competitive world of elite motor sport, it's all about how you carry yourself as much as how you drive.

On her website, Sophia Floersch states that her future goal is Formula 1.

Only five women have ever raced F1 cars, and none of them won a Grand Prix (although South African driver Desiré Wilson won a lesser standard race for F1 cars).

Sophia Floersch might one day be the first. But first, there's going to be some serious recovery to get through.